Cousins in ministry

Matthew 3:13-17

John Baptises Jesus

We are told they are cousins… two men in the same family with significant crowd-pulling ministries.  What was the nature of their relationship?
Jesus submits to John’s baptism…
John tells his disciples he is not fit to tie Jesus’ sandals…
Jesus is distraught at John’s execution…
John urges his own followers to leqve him and follow Jesus…
How often, in ministry, if we are REALLY honest, is there a hidden undercurrent of competition?  I don’t really enjoy or celebrate her ministry because it is more successful than mine…  I very, very quietly and secretly rejoice a tiny bit that his ministry has hit the rocks because it makes me look better?  Not just in ministry, either – in any walk of life.
Jesus and John seem genuinely to have accepted that each had a significant ministry – they were different – and one even seemed to be way more important than the other – how could John ever really compete?  Yet no shadow of jealousy or competition or malice or spite.
What would it mean for me to really celebrate and support the ministry of others around me?  Can I take steps to do that better?
And what about you?  In your walk of life?  Could you do better? Could you BE better?

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