Thursday Music moments: The truly moving story behind Matthew West’s song "Forgiveness".

Preaching about forgiveness is a dangerous game, it can drag up all kinds of bitter and hurtful memories that people hold onto for years.  We should be very cautious about telling people they must forgive, healing can take a long time and any act of forgiveness is only part of that process of healing.

What I will always unashamedly do, though, is allow others to tell their own stories about their own journeys towards forgiveness.  These stories so often remind me in an intensely powerful way that if I do not find a way to forgive I am so often the one who is left trapped, mine is the life that is held back.

So, here’s such a story – the story that inspired the song.


and here’s the actual song in full:

May God bless you and wrap her arms around you if these words bring old bitterness or pain to the surface.

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