No, not really…

 The Shrine of St David

I reached forward and touched the stone – the small slab now set into a wooden altar – the very stone that St David was given in Rome (along with some other kit) when he was made Bishop.  He used it as a portable altar throughout his ministry. (I mused that it didn’t look that portable, what with it being a fairly big slab of stone – but was interested nonetheless that I was touching the very stone that St David laid out the bread and wine on some 1500 years ago.

I stood and gazed at the casket proudly displayed at the base of St David’s shrine.  In that casket – right there – are fragments of St David’s bones, bones that have dawn pilgrims to this very spot for over a thousand years.  I lit a candle as the very first pilgrims would have done, and said a prayer.

Then I visited the cathedral exhibition in the old gatehouse.

The stone: recent tests have shown the the stone is most likely local stone and not from Rome.

The bones: recent tests have shown that the bones are probably 12th or 13th century and at least some of them are from a woman.


I ask myself – does it matter?  Does it matter that an untruth has inspired countless thousands to devotion?  I want to say no – but I can’t – because it makes me angry – it DOES matter.  If we allow people to build faith on what we know to be a lie – then what happens to that faith when the lie is exposed?

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