Roads and churches…

Motorway Church…

You bludgeon your way through the world
simple, direct,
no room for u-turns or dead-ends
no patience for roundabouts and no intention of giving way.
speed is the thing
quickest way to get from A to B
a three-lane superhighway to salvation
you don’t go where people live
there are other roads that lead to front doors
what’s behind them is not your concern
service-station community – fast food, move on quick
nobody lingers here
there are no lifers
they’ve all passed through and moved on
and others have taken their places
you’re not the church for me…

A-road Church

You’re not that direct
your path has been disrupted and moved and changed
you have allowed diversions
yet you plunge yourself right into the heart of town
you don’t shirk the messiness of it all
it’s not simple
you are a mess of roundabouts and merging lanes
a complex web of one-way, flyover and dual carriageway
you throw yourself into the mix of a busy city
and you are changed by it – you merge and you split
you have an option to avoid low bridges
sensitive to the needs of those who travel with you
you’re my kind of church…

B-road church

you wind and meander
avoiding things that no longer exist
serving communities that long since moved on
archaic vestiges of a time that is long gone
cattle grids, fords
you hedge me in I cannot see from side to side
you wind and twist – I cannot see ahead or behind
you were once a superhighway
you were once the road everyone travelled
don’t pretend you were always supposed to be this slow and backward
don’t make a virtue of getting left behind
you were once cutting edge
the fastest way from A to B
nobody lives like this anymore
you serve a community long since gone
you’re not the church for me…

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