Advice for pilgrims

Things I have learned about being on the road:

1. If you find a decent toilet – use it whether you need to or not. You never know when you might find another.

2. Other pilgrims snore – eliminate them early on!

3. Look after your steed – feed her with petrol when you see a garage – you do NOT have enough to get you to the next one – no, really, you don’t.

4. Never pay for parking, it is the law that pilgrims may park wherever they like.

5. Occasionally tell the missus you are still alive.

6. Despite appearances, if there are poles set out to mark a pilgrim path across the sand, there is a reason. One of those might be deep, thick black mud!

7. If you find free WiFi – USE IT – even if it is to post utterly inane guff on your blog!

This might be updated… ( or it might not)

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