much hideousness

Just to be clear…

The English language is rich and varied, full of subtlety and well fitted to make a good fist of conveying the sense, depth, fulness and intensity of pretty much any given situation, in the rigtht hands.


Were you to prosaically pile up every conceivable combination of the entire panoply of thesauric similes and partial equivalents to the word “hideous” and were you to magnify their effect with liberally applied superlatives such that no literary flourish or prosaic device for exaggeration was left unemployed on the dictionary shelf, you STILL have only scratched the surface in your quest to describe to your reader just how utterly and completely hideous the Anglican “Shrine Church” in Little Walsingham is!


Of course that’s easy to say – I shall return to this and try to analyse WHY I found it so (even when trying my best to keep an open mind and perceive something of what it is that gives inspiration to the thousands who come every year and ciunt it as one of their life’s highlight-experiences.)

I just need to get that off my chest!

It is truly hideous!

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