Holy Water wars

I have to say I did find this amusing…

as part of the shrine church the anglians uncovered an old Saxon well that they now have decided is a Holy Well and contains water that is Holy.

You can be splashed with this water at special spronkling services – or you can dispense yourself a plastic cup of the Holy Water from this (very Anglican!!) TEA URN..

BUT – just how holy can this water be if it is harmful to babies??  eh?  riddle me that!

Not to be outdone, and less hideous, the Cathlics have their own shrine half a mile up the road – they too have Holy water – but no well – and no indication as to what it is that makes this water Holy…  no safety warning for babies here – and a mere tea-urn is not enough – NO! – they need not ONE but FOUR water butts of the stuff for their purposes (again – not specified!)

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