The Selfish Pilgrim

Is being a pilgrim essentially selfish? In mediaeval times, a pilgrim might well have been far from sure that s/he would return home safely. I’m not sure I am in mortal danger, but the m/bike is not notoriously the safest means of travel and I know that Lythan harbours haunted thoughts that the next time she sees me it will be to ID my remains in a distant Northern mortuary and agree to the donation of my organs.

I was conscious that the kids didn’t wave me off – which was fine except they’d be haunted by the regret that they never said goodbye…

All a bit maudlin you may think, but it made me wonder about Jesus telling those who would follow him to leave behind (even hate) family. Is there a part of spirituality that is necessarily selfish – it sounds wrong – maybe “me time” sounds better but is essentially the same thing.

I do feel a little guilty about the selfish indulgence of this month on the road – but then weren’t pilgrimages very much about indulgences? ;0). Oh – and I am driving very carefully!

PS writing a blog on a phone is a painstaking business!

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