Repurposing this Blog

This blog was set up a few moons ago to chart my New Year resolution progress in learning poems by heart.  I did learn some (see older posts) – but I soon failed and this blog gathered dust, lay dormant, was (indeed) totally forgotten!

Rather than create another ship in the night – I am going to repurpose this one as a place to blog some daily thoughts about my sabbatical motorbike pilgrimage.

My first thought is this – how to journal my pilgrimage experience?  I have in mind four methods:

  1. A camera – I will take too many photos!  I’m only taking two lenses – I did want to take three!
  2. A new helmet cam – I can now shoot video whilst actually travelling on the bike!
  3. I had a moleskine notebook and an ink pen for my birthday.  (also coloured pencils for sketching)
  4. This blog – and I have a smart phone to achieve this on the go.

It is entirely possible that I will spend more time and effort stressing about recording the experience of my pilgrimage than I will spend actually experiencing the experience of my pilgrimage!  This is a real danger – and yet I find the thought of NOT recording it utterly impossible to contemplate!


For one thing, I am going to have opportunities in the future to tell the story to other people (indeed – it’s a requirement of having a URC sabbatical!) – so I will need stuff that might make it interesting.  For another thing, I always find it easier to record things as they happen rather than try to remember a month’s worth of experience weeks later.  For a third thing, I want to have some raw material – instant reaction – on which to base my further, deeper reflection…

Those are my excuses anyway – see how readily I trotted them out?  I suspect it some kind of basic human insecurity that if I don’t record it – it is as if it didn’t happen…  but does the act of recording it negate the experience or enhance it?  who knows! 🙂

I think I shall have to be mindful and do both.  stop and stare – and frame and click!

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